Best Window Styles in 2022

Any homeowner knows, window and door upgrades can have a HUGE effect on the overall curb appeal of a property in Omaha.

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A good window design should do three things simultaneously:

  1. Increase the energy efficiency of your home
  2. Look great from the inside
  3. Look even BETTER from the outside

Often, one of the first things we notice when looking at the exterior of a home is the condition and style of its windows. If the windows are distressed and dingy, typically the home is too. New windows and doors can quickly give your home a facelift, and can have a potential positive impact on its value.


In Omaha, we care about the appeal of our properties. We want them to look beautiful and cared for. We’ve put together some of the top window styles that will instantly add that WOW factor to your home!

Best Window Styles In 2022 - Skylight T20 0Nvpd6


Skylight windows are once again gaining popularity in 2021. The beauty of the skylight window is that it infuses even the most cramped spaces with beautiful natural light. This can make the room feel bigger, brighter, and more inviting. A skylight window can also offer magnificent views of the night sky.

Best Window Styles In 2022 - Bay Window T20 Knndwx


A tried and true classic. The bay window is typically a large window that extends outward beyond the wall of the home. Bay windows are brilliant in that they not only give a gorgeous wide view, but they also make any room appear larger.

Bay windows are as much a centerpiece as they are a window. Bay windows in living or dining spaces are a true focal point that is aesthetically pleasing both inside and out.

Best Window Styles In 2022 - Indoors Kitchen Kitchen Blue Christmas Vintage Holiday Home Sweet Home View Windows Sink Country T20 E3Llxl


Double hung windows can seriously add some value to your home. For instance, there is possibly no better window for overall ventilation than the double hung window. Also, the simplicity of their design allows for easy maintenance, and overall durability. Not to mention, they look fantastic.

If energy efficiency is one of your top priorities for window and door installation, then double hung windows might be just the thing you’re looking for!

Best Window Styles In 2022 - Home Interior Design Cozy Home Country Style Living Room Sectional Couch Natural Light Interior T20 Kl3Ywe


Casement windows are the chameleons of the door and window world. They truly can adapt to just about any scenario. Casement windows can be hung to swing out, in, left, or right. This means that if space is tight, a casement window might just be your best friend.

Casement windows come with a stylish handle that allows for easy cranking to open or shut. The locks that are standard on casement windows ensure a high level of security, which gives homeowners added peace of mind.

Best Window Styles In 2022 - Natural Lighting In The Tiny House With Lots Of Windows T20 7Ykkgy 1


Sleek and simple. That’s the best way to describe slider windows—which were made popular back in the 50’s. These windows are built with few parts, and are super easy to operate. That makes slider windows ideal for an accent window, or for a rental property.

Because of their lack of moving parts, slider windows are extremely durable, and can withstand wear and tear that other windows may not.


In Omaha, there are tons of unique homes with incredible diversity of style. A lot of choosing windows and doors in Omaha comes down to personal preference. Listed below are a few things to keep in mind when buying new windows.


If the window and door choices you’re making are for a rental until, it’s probably best to install something simple and durable like a sliding window. However, if the windows are for your family home—the sky’s the limit. Expand your search and don’t rule anything out until you’ve explored all of your options.


We can get some nasty weather in Omaha, that’s no secret. That’s why it’s so important to think about your energy costs/savings. New window and door installations can decrease your energy spending significantly—while having a positive impact on the environment, and your home’s value.


Not every room has enough space for a massive picture window. Conversely, a tiny window in a large room can look a little silly. Take into account the size of the room in which the window is going to be located, as well of the symmetry of the room. If a window is installed asymmetrically, it can look downright silly.


If you’re still having a hard time choosing the right window for you, call your local window and door professional!

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