Aluminum Gutter Colors – Choosing The Best Colors For Your Home

When it's time to replace or update your home's exterior, don't forget that you have gutter color choices. That's right, you're not stuck with white gutters forever!

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At Omaha Gutter and Siding, we have a large selection of aluminum gutter colors from shades of beige to bright greens and everything in between. So, when you want a little change around your home, find the gutters that don’t just do their job, but look great while doing it. 

House With Beige Aluminum Gutters, Soffit, Facia And Dark Brown Roof Shingles.
House with beige aluminum gutters, soffit, facia and dark brown roof shingles.

How to Choose Your Aluminum Gutter Colors

When you begin to explore the world of gutter color choices, you may at first be slightly overwhelmed by all the options. Don’t worry! You don’t need to be a professional designer to find a color that you love and looks great on your house. 

The right color will greatly increase your curb appeal. But there isn’t just one shade that fits all homes. The shade can do different things like blending in or standing out. As the homeowner, you get to decide what you want them to do. Here are our top tips for finding the perfect shade for your home’s drainpipes. 

1. Match Your Trim To Your Gutters

Perhaps the most common selection is to choose a shade that matches your house’s trim. The trim is the material that frames windows or doors. So with the same shade, it is like the trim continues and frames the rest of your roof. You can even choose a new accent shade for both your drainpipes and trim for a fresh look. 

2. Match Your Roof Colors

Perhaps your house doesn’t have any trim on its exterior, or you have a visible roof with a unique shade of shingles. In that case, matching your gutter color options to the roof is an excellent way to design your drainpipes. 

Of course, it doesn’t need to be a unique shade. For example, gray and black gutter color choices are available to match almost any asphalt shingles. Matching your roof can seemingly extend your roof, making your house seem even taller. 

3. Match Your Siding and Gutter Colors

If you want your drainpipes and downspouts to blend in with your home, then matching them to trim may not be the best way. For blending in, matching the shade to your siding is often the best way to ensure that the gutters are less noticeable, especially from afar. 

There are many kinds of materials and colors to choose from. Therefore, matching the shade exactly can be tricky. For the best results, see if you can get a sample of the shade to match it to your house’s siding. 

4. Contrast Your House’s Colors

Want to make a statement? Want to add a pop of color to your house? Then throw out all the rules of matching and go for a contrasting choice! 

For example, a white and gray house exterior can use green gutter color options to bring something new to the house’s overall aesthetic. You can still match this to something else like a door. Bringing in different colors is often more interesting to the eye. 

5. Remember Your Home’s Design

Beyond matching or contrasting, there are some other things to consider. For example, consider the architecture of your house. If you are matching the roof, is the roof even visible? Or if you have downspouts, you may want them to blend with your house. 

Before you select any aluminum gutter colors, think about where the drainpipes will be located and how close they will be to windows, doors, and siding. This will not only help you narrow down your gutter colors choices, but also give you a result that you love. 

Close-Up Of Asphalt Shingled Roofing Construction With Chimney, Plastic Soffit, Fascia Board And Roof Gutters Installed
Close-up of asphalt shingled roofing construction with chimney, plastic soffit, fascia board and roof gutters installed

Other Things To Consider When Choosing Aluminum Gutters

Beyond just designing your home, there are some other considerations to take into account when choosing your aluminum gutter colors. Here are a few things to consider before you buy your favorite gutter color options. 

Meet HOA Requirements

Depending on how involved your homeowner’s association is, you may not think about it that often. But that doesn’t mean that your homeowner’s association (HOA) doesn’t have rules and regulations that could affect your renovation. 

Before you start choosing your gutter color options and renovating the look of your house, make sure you determine what exterior shades are or are not allowed. While it may not be a problem, you don’t want to buy your favorite shade only to realize that you may have to battle your HOA. 

Finding an Affordable Option

Home renovations are exciting. But don’t let the excitement make you forget your budget. When it comes to selecting gutter color choices, some shades will be more affordable than others. 

For example, bright green aluminum gutter colors will be more expensive than a basic white or black. So consider your budget and learn more about the prices before you settle on gutter color choices. 

Find the Best Aluminum Gutter Colors 

When it’s time to replace or install gutters, don’t just accept whatever shade your contractor brings. Use these tips to see what gutter color options will best fit your house. Have fun selecting gutter color choices from Omaha Gutter and Siding’s wide selection to perfectly match your roof, trim, siding, or front door. 

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