The Best Siding Contractors – How to Choose Them

A quick "near me" Google search will reveal that there are dozens of Omaha siding contractors, which can quickly make the task of choosing a siding company for your home seem daunting.

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Before You Search Any Further

First off, you need to stop worrying about who is the best siding repair company in Omaha and refocus your efforts on choosing the right Omaha siding contractors for you. Tailor your search to fit your needs and you quickly be able to narrow down your options based on a few perimeters which may or may not include personal recommendations, budget, warranties, customer service, and credentials. Now that you have a more manageable list of siding repair companies in Omaha it is time to get down to business and ask the harder questions.

TOP 5 Questions That Need To Be Addressed

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What Are Their Qualifications?

Before adding any Omaha siding contractors to your shortlist ask them several directed questions about their qualifications and credentials. First off, ask for their full street address, if they won’t give you one or can only offer a P.O. Box, they are likely not legitimate or are a handyman service that offers siding on the side. Either way, move on and find another that can.

If they pass the litmus test, find out if they are properly licensed by the state or are in compliance with the Nebraska state guidelines. Keep in mind that you are not asking to see their business license (which they should also be able to provide), but instead you want to see their contractor’s license. Finally, ask to see their credentials which can include everything from certifications to ongoing training and further education.

Do They Specialize in Siding?

Next, find out if they are truly a specialized siding contractor in Omaha or are a jack of all trades type of contractor business. The same way you don’t want a handyman who usually deals with clogged toilets fixing your circuit box, you don’t want a roofing company that offers siding repair on the side installing your brand new expensive siding. You get what you pay for, and in this case, you need to ensure you are paying for specialized siding companies in Omaha only.

The Best Siding Contractors - How To Choose Them - Top Best Siding Contractors In Omaha

Do They Have Insurance?

All professional Omaha siding contractors should carry valid comprehensive general liability coverage and worker’s compensation insurance. If a company pauses when you ask if they are insured this should be a red flag. Their insurance coverage protects you in the event that they damage your home or your neighbors during installation. It also protects you if one of their workers falls and injuries him or herself on your property. In this instance, the contractor will become liable for the injury, but if they don’t carry insurance you may get stuck footing the bill which will drive up your homeowner’s insurance premium.

What Do Your Neighbors Think?

These days it is easy to get personal recommendations from your friends and family members. Post a simple question on social media or neighborhood networks and wait for the reviews to pour in. Find out which companies are highly rated by those in your community, and which ones are not. This also gives you the opportunity to inspect the handiwork of siding repair in Omaha up close. If you notice several Omaha siding contractors come up in conversation multiple times, go drive by your friends’ or neighbors’ homes and take a close look at the siding. This is a great way to determine which siding company produces results that will meet your standards.

Can They Work with Your Siding Choice?

At this point, you will hopefully have narrowed your list down to two or three Omaha siding contractors. Before contacting them to set up bids, take a look at what siding materials they work with. If you have a material in mind, you need to ensure that you choose the right contractor for the job. Some siding companies in Omaha work primarily with one brand of vinyl while other companies may offer a wider berth of choices. Find out who works with materials you are eying for your home and then contact them for comparative bids. If you have done your research right, at this point you should be comfortable choosing whoever offers you the lowest bid since each of your finalists has passed an intensive checklist that qualifies them to tackle your home or business property.

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